Tampa Air Conditioning, Furnace and Heat Pump Installation

Within the Tampa market there are three primary types of HVAC equipment: air conditioners, heat pumps and the least common gas furnace. Because the Tampa area is a high humidity region, all 3 system types condition the air in the same way and is very little difference in the installation process. What most air conditioning equipment manufacturers don't want the end user to know is that the installation process is the single most important factor in the reliability and performance of an air conditioner or heat pump system. They all do a pretty good job of making the equipment. 

Installation Is Key To Equipment Reliability & Performance

This is because every installation is unique. Even if you were to come across a home with an identical footprint, one may have upgraded insulation, windows, etc that would impact their heat load. Although temperatures may vary 5 degrees or more between Tampa and St Petersburg, the same equipment is used all the way across the county. Manufacturers make one type of equipment for all applications and rely on the contractor to size the equipment and more importantly the duct system to ensure proper performance. Melo Air specializes in not only new construction applications but retro-fit as well. We can fix any situation you are currently up against whether it is hot and cold spots, humidity issues, high electric bills and more.

Which Brand of Equipment Does Melo Air Install?

Melo Air can confidently install, service and has access to every brand currently available in Tampa as all manufacturers use similar methods and many identical parts. We prefer to work with Goodman equipment as they have the most complete product line for any situation. They also manufacture all of their equipment in the United States. Aside from being the number 1 selling brand in the United States, the Goodman brand is a member of the largest HVAC company in the world, Daikin. ​From the homeowners perspective, Goodman is the clear value leader which is a combination of cost, reliability and warranty. From our vantage point, Goodman is the easiest manufacturer and distributor to work with and offers the most in the way of contractor support. Please click the links below to view the full line of product offerings.

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