Below is a complete list of all possible air conditioning and heating related repairs one would encounter in the Tampa area. Whether it is a clogged drain line or a leaking condenser coil, you can count on the expert technicians at Melo Air to diagnose and repair the failure correctly the first time. Melo Air maintains and repairs all major brands of HVAC equipment from a minimum efficiency to an ultra-efficient inverter or ductless system. Many of the components within a condenser or air handlers are interchangeable among the many manufacturers. Because Melo Air has fully stocked service vehicles, that means we will often have your repair completed on our first and only visit. Please click the links below for more detailed information on specific failures. Call Melo Air today for AC repairs in Hillsborough, Polk, Pinellas and Pasco counties.

Air Conditioning and Heating Repairs

1.   Burnt or Loose Wiring

2.   Failed Capacitor

3.   Compressor Replacement

4.   Condenser Air Flow Restriction

5.   Condenser Coil Leak

6.   Condenser Fan Blade

7.   Condenser Fan Motor

8.   Contactor Replacement

9.   Defrost Control Board

10. Evaporator Airflow Restriction

11.  Leaking Evaporator Coil

12. TXV Replacement 

13. Liquid and suction line drier 

14. Refrigerant Balancing

15. Reversing Valve

16. Hard Start for Compressor

17. Suction Line Accumulator

18. Transformer Replacement

19. Clogged Air Filter

20. Evaporator Blower Fan

21.  Evaporator Blower Motor

22. Burners - Heat Assembly

23. Burnt or Loose Wiring - Heating

24. Capacitor - Heating

25. Circuit Board

26. Damper Motor

27. Delayed Ignition

28. Electric Heat Modules

29. Fan Belt

30. Fan & Limit Control

31. Vent Flu Intake

32. Gas Valve

33. Heat Exchanger

34. Ignitor / Probe

35. Inducer Fan Motor

36. Pilot Light / Glow Coil

37. Relay

38. Safety Pressure Switch

39. Thermocouple

40. Transformer

41. Water Leak

42. Thermostat

43. Breaker / Fuses

44. Source Removal

45. Air Filtration Systems

46. Air Purification UV Light

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