Capacitor Replacement

One of the most common AC repairs is a capacitor failure. They are located on the exterior condensing unit making them prone to the elements and corrosion. This is particularly true in humid areas like Tampa. Although the part is very small and inexpensive, there is a complete system failure when a capacitor fails on your air conditioner or heat pump. Depending on the type of HVAC system you have, there may be a number of capacitors. There are likely run capacitors assisting the compressor as well as indoor and outdoor motors. There are also less common start capacitors which assisting in starting the motor or compressor. One sign that a capacitor has failed is overheating. If you suspect the capacitor has failed, you can conduct a visual inspection of your heat pump or air conditioner. The failed capacitor may have visible bulging or cracks, fluids oozing or even smoke coming from it. Owning an annual maintenance agreement from a local air conditioning company will reduce the odds of failure significantly. A technician will easily be able to determine if a capacitor is likely to fail in the near future during one of their routine inspections. Replacing a capacitor during a maintenance agreement call will cost significantly less than a demand AC repair call in the middle of summer. If you suspect your capacitor needs replaced, contact the HVAC experts at Melo Air. We have all size capacitors stocked on our service trucks and can have your AC repaired the same day.

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