Carrier Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Repair

Before contacting Melo Air to repair your Carrier air conditioner or heat pump, you can check if your system is under warranty onlineYou will need to enter your serial number for warranty information to be displayed properly. Carrier air conditioner, heat pumps, package units and air handler serials will contain various nomenclatures.

Carrier's slogan is "Turn to the Experts" and that is exactly what you're doing when you call Melo Air to repair your Carrier air conditioner or heat pump. Carrier is one of the top two selling brands in the United States and the parent company also manufactures similar equipment under trade names Bryant and Payne. This means that Melo Air has serviced hundreds of Carrier HVAC equipment and has installed a number of residential and commercial systems as well. You can count on Melo Air to diagnose your Carrier air conditioner repair correctly the first time and have you cooling the same day.

A little bit about Carrier

Willis Carrier is credited with inventing the modern air conditioner and founded the Carrier Engineering Corp in 1915. Carrier sought to solve a humidity problem he had while working at a printing press. It took too long for the ink to dry and he found a way to remove humidity and the air conditioner was born. Carrier has grown to a company with over $13 billion in annual sales and is the second largest HVAC company in the world behind Daikin. Carrier manufactures under a number of trade names in facilities throughout the United States, Mexico and other nations. Recently, Carrier has been center attention in headline news as Donald Trump highlighted their plans to close an Indianapolis factory during the previous election cycle. Carrier has lead the industry in innovation and was the first manufacturer to discover the impact of formicary corrosion. 

Whether you have a base model or an ultra efficient Infinity system, you can count on Melo Air's expertise to diagnose and repair your AC repair accurately the first time. Contact us today!

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