Compressor Replacement

The "heart" of your HVAC system is the compressor. It is the device in your condensing unit that pumps refrigerant through both coils. It is a repair that requires considerable labor and includes evacuating and recharging the system and piping in the new compressor. Although technology has been rapidly increasing with compressors, the labor required to replace each has remained about the same whether you have a reciprocating, scroll, two stage or inverter compressor. The overwhelming majority of compressors in the United States are manufactured by Copeland, regardless of which brand air conditioner or heat pump you have although you will come across some Panosonic or Tecumseh. 

A compressor replacement is one of the most expensive air conditioner repairs and often results in total system replacement because of the cost of the repair in combination with the age of the system. Thankfully, compressors don't fail often. There are even several manufacturers who offer a lifetime warranty on compressors in their system. Some data suggests they may fail around the 7th year of service due to lack of maintenance. Improper refrigerant charge and restrictions with airflow and refrigerant can burden the compressor needlessly. 

A failed compressor can display a number of systems. You may have a loud noise or none at all. If you would like Melo Air to diagnose your compressor, please call us today.

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