A condenser coil replacement often takes the cake as the most expensive air conditioning repair in Tampa. It is also usually never incorrectly diagnosed because no air conditioning company is going to get excited about replacing one. There isn't an AC tech in Tampa that wouldn't make absolutely sure the coil needs replaced before they go ripping it out. A condenser coil replacement is one taxing repair that is typically exacerbated by the local distributor not having the part in stock. Along with the compressor, the condenser coil is the most expensive component of an air conditioner or heat pump. This makes stocking a wide variety of sizes for various model numbers difficult for wholesalers. If a condenser coil fails that is out of warranty, complete system replacement is often the most economical decision. This is particularly true of R22 systems where the refrigerant is currently 400% greater than 410a. The good news is that a condenser coil replacement is very rare. A coil leak can be the result of a valve cap that needs replaced or loose fittings that need adjusting. If your condenser coil is leaking you will notice a reduce ability of your system to cool the home. Most leaks are caused from corrosion. This can be caused by forces beyond our control like sea salt and we may do it to ourselves by accidentally aiming a sprinkler head in the coil's direction. It is a good idea to call a licensed air conditioning contractor such as Melo Air as soon as possible to prevent additional damage caused by operating your HVAC system without proper charge. We will provide you with any and all solutions available whether it be repair or replacement.

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Condenser Coil Leak

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