Condenser Fan Blade Replacement

A condenser fan blade failure is not a common AC repair. Something must have caused the blades to come out of alignment or the system must be suffering from extreme corrosion. Although it is possible, the fan blade is generally well protected within the compressor and is unlikely any objects would come into contact with it knocking it out of alignment.  Many that we come across are on new systems where damage may have happened on shipping. They are also usually replaced along with condenser fan motor replacements. If your condenser fan fails you may be able to detect it through a visible or audible inspection. It may make a "whipping" noise as it spins because of one of the warped blades. It may also cause the top of your condenser to bounce. This is because the warped condenser fan blade is pushing the top up and down. Condenser fan blade repairs are inexpensive and quick, however, due to the wide variety of blades used by manufacturers and size, they are rarely carried on service vehicles. If you suspect you need a condenser fan motor repair, call Melo Air today!

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