Contactor Replacement

It is not uncommon to experience intermittent problems with a contactor. One sign that your contactor may be starting to fail is that it will make a clicking or "chattering" noise. You system may continue to run in a seemingly perfect condition. Although a contactor is inexpensive and your HVAC system appears to be running still, this is not an issue to put off. Chattering contactors may cause significant harm to your air conditioner or heat pump's compressor. Another sign that your contactor has failed is if your compressor continues to run even after the thermostat is satisfied and the rest of the system shuts down. Contactor failures are either electrical or mechanical in nature. It may be caused from insufficient coil voltage, bad connections or the contacts have become welded together. More often than not the failures are mechanical. The good news is that this Tampa air conditioner repair can be avoided most of the time by owning an annual maintenance agreement from the HVAC experts at Melo Air. Because the unit would be inspected twice annually, corrosion and other deterioration can easily be identified before the part fails. By replacing a part during a routine tune-up, a homeowner can easily save 50% of more than if the part had failed in the middle of summer. In addition to the cost savings, there will be no frustration or discomfort due to being with AC. If you are in need of emergency service, contact us immediately. We can have your system repaired in under a couple hours because we have contactors stocked on our service trucks.

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