Evaporator Blower Motor

The blower motor or evaporator is what turns your squirrel cage or blower fan inside the air handler or evaporative section of your HVAC system. With today's air conditioning and heating systems, there are typically three types of evaporator motors we may come across throughout our service calls. There are standard multi-speed motors and then there are ECM motors that consist of the X-13 and variable speed. Most systems rated above 15 SEER or higher make use of one of the ECM motors. While they are both more energy efficient than a standard motor, the X-13 costs less and does not provide the comfort of a variable speed blower. In our experience, X-13 motors have been less reliable as all manufacturers struggled with design flaws and excessive failure rates during the $1500 tax credit days of 2009 and 2010. Although most of the bad motors have failed and the flaw appears to have been corrected, X-13 motors still claim our highest percentage of failures. Because the motors can run very hot and the air around them is much cooler, condensation is created in and around the housing. After time the motor can corrode and fail. They may also fail due to an electrical short. Although evaporator motors are not inexpensive, the HVAC experts at Melo Air can have the part on your Tampa AC replaced the same day. We stock universal motors on our service trucks but we can also have the OEM parts available in a short time. Our technicians will ensure that it is indeed the motor that has failed and the lack of or complete absence of airflow is not the result of a clogged filter, frozen coil, relay or capacitor. We will never replace a part that has not failed. 

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