Evaporator Coil Leak

Evaporator coil leaks are a major system failure and generally result in complete replacements in older R22 systems. Evaporator coil leaks are often times avoidable but may occur to no fault of the homeowner. In the late 2000's the entire industry struggled as new homes were constructed with Chinese drywall which emitted toxins that resulted in formicary corrosion. Formicary corrosion is a type that eats away specifically at copper. Since, nearly all manufacturers have transitioned their evaporator coils to all aluminum while continuing to manufacture condenser coils in copper.

Evaporator coil leaks occur because they will trap toxins within the home which eats away at the coil. One of the largest causes of evaporator coil leaks is the use of chlorine by technicians and homeowners alike to keep a drain line clear. Although the liquid will wash away the fumes will not. They become trapped in the system and eat at the coil. Distilled vinegar should be used in lieu of chlorine. Evaporator coils tend to fail much sooner than previously due to homes being built much tighter i.e. they don't breathe as easily and trap a considerable amount of pollutants in the home from glues in flooring to aerosols and other airborne particulates.


Evaporator coils may also leak due to mold and algae buildup over years that eat away at the coil.


If your system has a leaking evaporator, it will only be a matter of time until it loses the charge and your system will not cool at all. Your evaporator coil may also turn to a block of ice.


Preventing evaporator coil leaks can be done by regularly changing filters, cleaning coils and introducing fresh air to the home. 


Evaporator coil leaks are an expensive repair because it will require replacing not only the coil but a significant amount of refrigerant that is generally not covered under warranties. It also requires a significant amount of labor. If you suspect you have a evaporator coil leak, contact Melo Air today!


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