HVAC Consumer Financing

Financing your HVAC installation is simple with Melo Air. We offer two options depending on your budget. 


Option 1 - Plan 4128 - 12 Month No Interest w/Payment

Option 2 - Plan 1187 - 84 Month Low Payment 9.99% APR

The advantages of our offerings is that you determine how much, if any, interest you pay. While Option 1 guarantees that you will pay no interest if the loan is paid within 12 months, Option 2 gives you the flexibility of having a really low payment with the ability to pre-pay without a penalty. Option 2 gives the ability to have very little out of pocket cost once the efficiency of your new air conditioner or heat pump is factored. To get started, click the button on the right.

Click the "Finance" tab if not already selected and pick the appropriate plan.

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